Darling Girl is a cottage kitchen nestled among the bayous of the Louisiana Northshore in the Greater New Orleans area. I started this adventure to share my love of cooking and stay motivated while I learned how to cook and bake completely plant-based goods. It's heart, like my own, is rooted in service and intersectional activism for communities and people that need it the most. Communities and people that make my home, the south, the unique & vibrant melting pot that it is.

I've lived in the Southern United States for the majority of my life, albeit a very short stint in Maine when I was a young girl. Navy Brat, amirite? Most of my early childhood was spent in Northern Florida until my family made its way up to North Cackalacky. It's there, in the Foothills of North Carolina, that I call home.

In my early 20's, I made a name for myself with my organic skincare line, Wild Rituals. Wild Rituals not only gained popularity in my local community, but was featured nationwide in Urban Outfitters, West Elm, and Reader's Digest. For my entrepreneurial spirit, I was awarded a Ked's Brave Life Project Grant in 2013. It was a thrilling time that I look back on with both gratitude and pride.

When that time was over, I allowed myself to process all I had accomplished and accept that it was time to move on toward something yet discovered. I wanted to create something that was authentic to my life's story but also resonated with the person I've become. After a year of gestation, my heart gave way to Darling Girl. Named after what my parents have always called me, Darling Girl is an ode to my love of fresh food, to the tenacious eclectic woman I am today, and to the creek swimmin' dirt playin' animal lovin' little girl I'll pretty much always be.


To Cook, of course. I want to bring delicious plant-based recipes to folks in a way that feels accessible & approachable. 


Put my money where my mouth is. I donate 25% of all profits to organizations that benefit the lives of marginalized & disenfranchised individuals


No Shame in the game. It's important to me to meet people where they're at without food shame. It takes all kinds to make a difference, y'all.


Educate. I promise to teach you what I know and to also learn with you.