Every 2 weeks, we will update a form with a new menu. This menu will contain both reoccurring items and items unique only to that week. The ingredients for each item will be listed. Each item will have a price next to it. If you’d like multiples of any item, please let us know in the note section. In order to process your order, it must have a minimum of $30 worth of goods and prepayment must be made through Venmo. Unless stated otherwise, pick-up will be on Mondays from 10 am - 5:30 pm at an address that will be given after payment. While in your car, you will text us your name allowing us to know you have arrived. We will assemble your order and bring it out to you.

Covid-19 Safety procedures: 
For the safety of our customers and ourselves, all customers are asked to wear a mask if they would like curbside pickup. If you’re not able to wear a mask, please make that known in your text. After we receive your text with your arrival, we will place your order on our porch for you to retrieve. We appreciate your understanding and corporation during this time. 



Do you deliver? 
While we do not deliver at this time, we are more than willing to work with you on a pick-up time that works best with your schedule.

Can you alter recipes for my diet/allergies?
Our recipes are strategically formulated and we, unfortunately, can not alter them without raising the price and sacrificing the integrity of the product. When working with individuals on personal cakes or catering, we can certainly formulate a recipe with you in mind. 

Can I pick up on another day?
You’re welcome to pick up your goods on another day other than the official pick up day. However, your goods will still be made the same day as the others.

How long does the food keep?
Each item will have an estimated expiration date. Our foods contain absolutely no preservatives - making proper storage important. If you wish to prolong the shelf life of your products, freezing is possible for most. That being said most of your goods are best enjoyed within the week of pick-up.