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Darling Girl Kitchen works alongside local restaurants, food trucks, bakeries, and pop-ups to give them a competitive edge in an ever-expanding sect of the industry - vegan & plant-based dining. Many vegans and plant-based folks are dissatisfied with the opinions available - often having to resort to french fries or a salad at your restaurant when they could get quality, indulgent, and well-developed vegan meals elsewhere. In truth, 1-in-4 Americans are eating fewer animal products for a variety of reasons and often hold great sway on where their family dines because of their limitations.

Preparing quality plant-based foods that are packed with familiar and nostalgic flavors requires a learned skillset centered around texture, presentation, mouthfeel, and adding flavor while you subtract.

Darling Girl Kitchen can work with you to evaluate your current menu offerings and create unique plant-based & vegan recipes authentic to your brand and mission. We focus on scratch-made recipes to free you from the expenses of big-name preprocessed plant-based goods. We can also equip you with the knowledge you need to move forward with a better understanding of plant-based cooking/baking so you may create your own original recipes in the future.